Deposits posted to wrong dimension?

We use dimensions in our company to run several different companies. We deposited funds from customers to the wrong dimension (including the wrong bank acc.) Now the Customer Ledger Entries in the customer card show the wrong diminsion with the payment entries. We realize we could just do a GL adjsutment to correct the GL and bank accounts. This (as far as we know) would not correct the Customer Ledger entries screen (with an opposing then correct entry). Maybe there is a way to put entires in the customer Ledger Entries screen through the General Journal?? Or what is the best way to correct the deposits posted to the incorrect dimensions?

The simplest way is to reverse the misposted entries almost exactly (use refund rather than payment in cash journal), and then post the correct entries. Of course you will not be able to undo the allocation, but it should be easy to follow what has happened

Richard - Thanks very much for your answer. We tried it and it worked. Thanks again. Dan[8D]