Deployment between environments (from UAT to Production)


There is a scenario where AX services provider has maintained parallel environment to that of UAT and they have called it a Diamond Copy which they are proposing to use for production during go-live which has no databases but reference data along with functionality as asked in the requirements document. Concern for me is all testing have been carried in UAT.

Considering the above situation I need suggestion on the below:

Option 1 - Can I not propose AX vendor to use UAT as a copy to bring over to Production (excluding databases), this is a standard practice. However, all the users in UAT have admin access which raises the probability of having messed up setup and configurations by the users as a result of random testings and the access to the UAT environment’s has never been controlled (Admin to all users). Also, a move from UAT to PRODUCTION is possible in AX without data but reference data?

Option 2 - If I propose Diamond Copy which is close replica to UAT but no data, now the concern is this environment has never been thoroughly tested like UAT and the ax vendor has been simultaneously releasing configuration changes to both the environments (UAT and Diamond)

Please suggest