Deploying Reports: Unable to connect to the remote server

Hi everyone,

Im facing a pretty weird issue about deploying report in Dynamics 2012 R2

I have one server box with 2 AOS instances and 2 reporting service instances.

I can deploy reports for 1 instance (1 out of 3 times). i observe the report deploying process. It stopped the reporting service and starting before deploying but starting the service taking time so “the timeout to connect reporting service” will appear so the deploying is failed due to time out. Everything is in the same box so i don’t think firewall can cause the problem

" A timeout occurred while trying to start the SQL Server Reporting Service"


After it throw out this error, reporting service just be started right away.

One more error: Fail to register service principal name

Refreshing WCF configuration, Application compilation, CIL generation are done without error

With sencond instance, i can not deploy at all



Hello guys,

Is there any advice? I really appreciate any comment