Deploying Navision in different countries

Deploying Navision in several countries- Problem Summary: We have a customer who currently has a Navision 3.01 SQL based system. It supports around 100 users across the UK via Windows 2000 Terminal Servers and Citrix Metaframe XP v1.0. They would like to bring into the system offices in The Czech Republic and China and whilst they would want to use exactly the same business logic and code as the UK, they would like the user experience in the Czech and Chinese offices to be the provision of Navision entirely in localised language (possibly including data). This raises several issues that I need some help with please. 1. Becasue of the lack of Unicode compliance, I assume I am right in advising that a dedicated Terminal server is required for each country in order to dedicate a Czech and Chinese System Locale. 2. I am aware that Navision do not supply a Chinese Language module. I understand that this customer has sourced a language granule from someone who has previously written one in Hong Kong. Am I correct in assuming that if it is written as per normal Navision Language modules then all labels and drop-downs would appear in Chinese? 3. I assume that a separate SQL database would be required for each country to accomodate differences such as codepage, sort keys etc 4. Would the change of the system locale be all that is needed to provide the data in Czech and Chinese or would the Terminal Servers need to be installed entirely in Czech and Chinese (respectively). Sorry if some of the questions seem basic but we have no previous experience of providing Navision across a multi-national platform. Furthermore, the Chinese installation causes additional headaches as I am sure you imagine. Thanks in anticipation

I’m Vietnamese and I can’t use Vietnamese locale. Can I use Unicode in Navision 3.7? Thanks in advanced,