Departments Menu in D365BC web client

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here is my question, is it possible to add the Departments button in D365 Business central webclient .

Actually i heard the news upto 2017 it is not possible to add the Departments button in Webclient menu suites.

So is there any way in newer version Through powershell script or through development of new page in Webclient.

Kindly suggest.


RamakrishnaReddy Y


Sorry, No. The Departments menu is actually the Menusuite, And that one is never going to be added to the webclient.

The menusuite in the windows client has two tasks:

  1. To make everything searchable in the upper right corner

  2. Total overview of all functional areas.

If you want something searchable then you have to type something in the property ApplicationArea in development of every object and afterwards “build” the list using the classic Development client (if you are running on-premise).

To total oveview like the departsmens menu cannot be done.

In Web client Department was never there even in Previous version of NAV :slight_smile: