Departmental (machine/work center) Transfer orders

Dear All,

I’m working on NAV manufacturing project. My client is having production departments like Lathe, CNC, Grinding, Final Polish, QC, etc. In the production/capacity journal, I want to record the duration and output. I want to transfer the material from one department to other and at any point in time, the inventory available at each of the departments should be available including scrap.

I would like to use the Transfer Order of NAV to meet this functionality. Using Transfer Order page of NAV, transfers can be done between locations. But I would like to do departmental transfers.

Please suggest me if it better to create work center/machine center as locations and use the base NAV’s transfer order. Another concern is, these production departments are not allowed to purchase or sell. If I create the production departments as locations, I can directly select the production department (in the location field) of sales/purchase line and post, which I don’t want.

Please give me suggestions.