Demo reg keys

I am looking for a demo reg keys for Axapta and Enterprise Reporting. Do they even exist? What are available options for doing a hands-on learning of these products? Any advice will be appreciated.

Hi, Do you mean running Axapta demo version? There is no demo reg keys available for running Axapta on demo version. You have to contact your local MBS office or your reseller for Axapta demo CD. Once you get that CD, you should be able to install and run that demo version. Please note that while trying to run the demo version, you might have to set back your system date to before December 31, 2001. At least this was the case whenever you try to ran Axapta ver 2.5 Demo CD. I am not too sure whether the same would apply for this version as well. BTW, not too sure about what you mean by Enterprise Reporting. Regards, Harish Mohanbabu

Thank you for your response! I do have a copy of Axapta 3.0 which I downloaded from MBS PartnerSource. I am a certified Great Plains consultant and I trying to see what options are avaialble for learning Axapta on my own. Enterprise Reporting is an OLAP reporting app. It is supposed to be a pretty decent reporting tool and I am curious to evaluate it. Again, I do have a copy of it. Thanks again :slight_smile:

Hi If you mean the “Business Analytics” application for Axapta, you can order a demo license while installing it. It will be sent to you by mail, if I remember correctly.