Demo license for AX 2012 R3


I have partner source account. I want to install dynamics AX 2012 R3 on my personal laptop for learning purpose.

what are the steps to get ax demo licence and ax virtual setup.

please suggest me.

You mentioned “virtual setup”. Does it mean that you intend to use the demonstration virtual machine from Microsoft and not to install Dynamics AX (as said in your second sentence)?

Hi Martin,

yes. i want it for learning development.

I have dynamics ax 2012 r3 set up. But i dont have licence. so is there any demo licence kind of thing that i can use with this setup.

or if any other way is there so please s.uggest me

Sorry, but I don’t follow you.

  1. First you said you want to install Dynamics AX on your own laptop.
  2. Then you said and confirmed that you actually don’t want to install it; you want to use the pre-installed VM from Microsoft.
  3. And then you said neither of it is true - that you already have AX installed and you have a completely different question about licenses.

Which of your contradicting statements do you want people to choose? If you want others to help you, please make sure that your question makes sense.

Hi martin,

I have taken new laptop so i want to install ax from scratch.
I have ax setup. but i dont have licence.

All right, I’ll ignore all you said before and will change the title to match your actual question.
You can download the license from PartnerSource; it’s at the same page as VMs. Search for AX 2012 Solution Demos if needed.

thank you.
i will try.

thanks martin.
it is done