demo database needed

Hey. Does anybody have a demo database for Axapta that has got an inventory full of items? I would like to check out the production module, therefore it’d be helpfull to have some stuff in the inventory. I suggest you use the download function of this site to make your demo available (Download menu > ‘submit download’). Tnx, Nils [:)]

On the Axapta CD there is demo data for a fictitious company called the Light Company. This should have enough data in the modules you need to get you started. You don’t say which version of Axapta you are on but your own internal Axapta administrator or your Axapta partner should be able to assist you in getting hold of the CD / demo data.

How to get an Axapta CD? Where to download it?

As the previous posting says, your reseller should give you a CD when he installs Axapta. To download from the MBS partnerguide website you have to be a reseller. Mike