Demand forecasting

Hi all,

I have question: For instance there are 3 Sales order each item A and Item B in Warehouse 11. and 5 sales orders each for the same items in Warehouse 12. If Warehouse 12 is considered as the Main warehouse, can a demand forecast be generation per item for the Main warehouse taking into consideration the sales order in Warehouse 11 too. Is it possible to have a consolidated demand for a main warehouse?

Please let me know.Thanks in advance for the time.

Yes if you plan at site level and don’t set the dimension group warehouse for Item coverage.

Hi Adam, Thanks for the reply. I don’t understand how this can solve the problem, because i am trying to consolidate Demand forecast for a single warehouse as whole. Please can you explain?

You either plan at a warehouse level or not. The storage dimension group associated with the item controls this. If you care about the warehouse level you cannot consider an amalgamation of demand across Warehouses as each warehouse is planned as an entity.

Since this is not possible, is there a way in which i can project a demand forecast for a warehouse considering the sales of all other warehouses?

Why is it not possible?

it is because, since you mentioned that amalgamation of demand won’t be possible as every warehouse is considered to be a single entity

And there is your contradiction, you want planning by warehouse and not by warehouse.

The only way to plan by Warehouse and consider other elements would be to set up the supply chain by warehouse.

Why is the order in 11, not 12? Why is the demand chain being broken like this?

I want forecast for a single warehouse, a consolidated one. say if i have one main warehouse and a distribution warehouse, the Demand forecasting should consider the distribution and show a single forecast per item in the main warehouse. This the requirement from the customer.

The forecast is by warehouse in your scenario, but then not. That is not possible. If you plan and consider demand by warehouse it is by warehouse, not by warehouse for some and not by others (not item based). I would still question how the customer gets into this demand profile.

You cannot do this is my answer .