Demand forecasting module in AX2012 R3


Anyone tried demandforecasting Module in AX2012R3? I had created one Item allocation key,Assigned items to this key. Also set forecasting algorithms. when i tried GENERATE STATISTICAL BASELINE FORECAST at that time it will throw me The ‘Database’ with ‘Name’ = ‘Demand Forecast initial’ doesn’t exist in the collection error. I had also deployed Demand forecast cube. Anyone have solution for above error then please help me.



I am facing the same issue. The cube is deployed and processed, the writeback option is enable in the partition as well. Did you manage to resolve the issue?


Not yet.

At Sys Admin → Setup → Business intelligence → Analysis Services → Analysis servers, do you have an OLAP server for the ‘Initial’ partition, which points to the server on which SSAS is installed? On the ‘OLAP databases’ tab, do you have a database called ‘Demand Forecast initial’?

Is the same database specified at Master Planning → Setup → Demand forecasting → Demand forecasting parameters → Demand forecast cube?

If you use SQL Server Management Studio, can you connect to an Analysis Services server with the name specified in the ‘OLAP server name’ field on the first form we checked? If yes, does a database called ‘Demand forecast initial’ exist?

Hi Terry,

I don’t see the databases here, what have I missed. I had deployed and configured the cube from AX. Do I need to do anything else.