Demand forecasting Ax 2012 R3

Hi All,

We have a customised solution for Ax replenishment where we maintain all the items with 24 months of usage data and Min and Max values for reordering the stock. We have two categories Manual and automatic where the Min and Max values are entered for Manual and Min and max values are calculated automatically based on Min and Max months for Automatic. The calculation is the average usage * Min = Min Value and average usage(24 months) * Max months = Max value. We run replenishment every week based on looking to see if any reorder is required. I just want to know if there any such kind of solution avaiable in Ax 2012 R3 out of the box which can take care of replenishment every week.

Thanks in advance

Hello Shankar, try to access this address:

This was the presentation of Demand Forecasting in Atlanta at Convergence 2015. I didn’t see nothing like you are describing, but you will see a good brief presentation of the functionality.