Demand forecast setup

Hi , How can i setup the system to be able to forecast same item for different types or order: booking; promotions; etc…

If you are only worried about driving demand through different sources and treat those forecasts separately, this could be achieved through using different forecast models for each type.

Demand is demand, I presume you are looking for the origin to make a decision. This is asked at times as a “source” or “end source”. People seem to care less about safety stock or forecast than actual orders, but the way you configure this means it can be a mix. Get the rule set right, employ planners to make decisions if you need that level, but if you dont then the short answer is that demand is demand, you have configured the system now action what it is telling you to purchase - you can prioritise demand source, but ultimately they are all important in the overall picture. The longer answer is to try to configure as per Andrews response, but really that needs people in a planning role, then we have the answer that is customise, define the ruleset, show the mix of demand, although I would not recommend that approach personally!

If you want them to add up as a total demand for Master Planning to then plan supply, enter the distinct sources in sub-models of the same parent forecast model. Keep in mind that supply planning and forecast consumption will always be at the aggregate level. There is no Planning benefit in this distinction. Entering or importing just the totals would yield the exact same results in Master Planning. The advantage of separate sub-models would only be for reporting or BI analytics using just D365 F&O data.