Hi guys,

Below is an error that I get when I try to preview a report I just created:

The value of DELSTR parameter 2 is outside the permitted range.The current value is: -2147483648.

The permitted range is: from 1 to 1024.

I’ve tried debugging but don’t see anything wrong.

Can someone please help me out

Hi Eddy,

It’s probably the case that you’ve used a variable to provide the value for the second argument in the function and, at the time this error is being raised, the conditions of the data caused the value of the variable to be something less than 1.

Hey Eddy,

Could you please Share the Code that you have written with DELSTR. We would be able to help.

It’s being generated from the FORMATADDRESS code unit that I

called on a report.

Without your code we have no idea how you are filling the parameters of the cu.

Hi folks,

Finally I have been able to find what was raising the particular error I

reported on the forum. It was as a result of a setup mismatch between

the Country/Region record and that of the General Ledger Setup as

regards the address format field value.

In the Country/Region records the address format is set as “city+postcode” while in the

General Ledger Setup it is set as “postcode + city”.