Delivery Sorter and Attachment Table

Can anyone say me form name where the Delivery Sorter(5074) and Attachment (5062) Tables were used??



These are nornally used in interaction management. Have a look at the AttachmentManagement codeunit 5052

Yes. I have seen that, and understood its concepts.

But I just want to know that where it has been used.


I would start by having a look at form 5077 - Create Interaction
Then take it from there.

Yes… Form 5077 Looking Good… But it seems to be specific for one contact. I f we need to creare interaction for a group of contacts, what need to be done over here?

Hi Jay,

Have a look at the Segmentation in the CRM/Marketing section (form 5091). You can create a mailing group or a segment for your group of contacts

That’s what i meant by “Take it from there”.
By that i meant use the debugger to fully understand what happens, to determine exactly where you need to change it to fit your demands.

But as always Dave has a point…
Why develop something you can obtain by using standard functionality.