Delivery Remainder NOT reflecting the quantity change from Sales Order to Purchase Order (back to back


Delivery Remainder NOT reflecting the quantity change from Sales Order to Purchase Order (back to back

  1. Create new SO
  2. Add item to line
  3. Select quantity for three items i.e. 6, 8, 10
  4. Populate unit price
  5. PO Created back to back
  6. Double click to open PO
  7. Notice the Quantity and Delivery Remainder fields are same in the PO form
  8. Now changing the quantity to ½ for all lines in SO i.e. to 3, 4, 5 from 6, 8, 10.
  9. Confirmed Sales Order
  10. Validate Delivery Remainder changed to 3, 4, 5
  11. Validate the quantity and remainder quantity changes in PO
  12. Validation Result: SO quantity changed and confirmed but PO not reflected the changes in ‘Quantity’ nor ‘Delivery Remainder’. It remained the same as originally set in SO before changes.


Any standard AX solution to this scenario would be helpful!!!

Many Thanks



How you did you created the purchase order?

PO created from the SO (back to back)

I mean, is it Direct delivery or just a purchase order? Can you post a screen shot on how you created it?

Yes direct delivery from SO, then PO created from the same SO

Notice the above PO button from the SO form

Which version of AX?
Any PO transactions before the change?
Any customizations in IC?
What happens when it is not a DD PO?

Hi Adam,

Its in AX 2012 R3

No PO transactions just open PO with quantity migrated from SO. If SO quantity changed PO do not reflects to the same quantity from SO.

Requirement is Back to back (DD) PO from SO - If quantity changed in SO it should get changed in PO too simultaneously and subsequently the delivery remainder!!

The sales order line and purchase order lines should be in Sync.
Is it specific to an order (or) happening with all the orders?
Are they changes to the standard code? (Adam has already asked this question)

So you are confirming SO line and PO lines would be in sync in standard AX. I was not sure about this!! Then it means if quantity is changed in SO it should automatically get changed in PO generated from SO? unless if someone altered the code.

I am not sure sure if code has been altered since there is a SI involved, and owning the development. This is what I am trying to nail it down.

All I am keen in understanding the SO/PO standard AX behavior or its a bug. So I can push SI.

As standard the SO/PO quantities would be aligned the way you are describing the scenario. R3 is still a huge release so I would also check the CU and LCS for any issues.

I wouldn’t expect a Bug in that area. You should try checking in a standard environment where there are no customization’s.