Delivery performance / delivery row

Hi all!

I would like to be able to get statistics for delivery performance.
At the moment every sales order row has
“Requested delivery date”
(“Promised delivery date” ?)
“Booked delivery date”

I want to know if there is somewhere I could get that information?
I find the separate fields in different tables, but not everyone om the same table.

And I would like to find the same field in PO’s. Possible?

I can do all the calculations in Excel, just want to get the information in a handable format.


Different promise / expectation etc etc dates are both in SO and PO Lines, after posting these can be found in Posted Shipments / Posted Receipts Lines.
ACTUAL transaction dates can be found in Item Ledger Entry table, but no other dates are present there.

First, you need someone to fill in all the other but ACTUAL dates for you to analyse, as by default theese are all equal to Shipment/Receipt date.

Second - when PARTIAL shipments/receipts occur, you can get only actual dates of transaction from ILE, prognosis related becomes rather untraceable even if somebody updates, say, SO Expected receipt date for remaining 3 after receiving first 7 of 10 ordered pcs of ItemA.

If you know Navision data structures and are familiar with T-SQL, it is possible to write a script that fetches out almost all this info, but it is not an easy task and will be iterative Try / Fails while you end up with a rather complex T-SQL script (in case of success you may want to create a Stored Procedure for easier later use from Excel.)

PS As soon as I mention T-SQL scripting in my posts, I always add a warning - you are allowed only SELECT statements, when accessing Navision SQL base directly - NEVER INSERT / UPDATE / DELETE in Navision tables!

I find it really strange that this information is so hard to get from the system, as so many companies are measuring their delivery performance.
Our current NAV partner is not amongst the best of them, which again makes us unable to do any changes.

As I am writing in the End user forum I am clearly not an expert in database management.
I understand that database issues are for reading, and not writing, but I still thought the information was stored in the same table.
I thought you would direct me to another window/table in which I could find the information in an easier way.

OT: How much can a NAV consultant do from a distance? Can I contract someone to give me a solution that I can just start using in my system (ofcourse in some kind of RO mode)? What is a reasonable tariff for that kind of work (money is not the issue, just want to know the outlines of it) PM is fine.

Karl, there are different endusers [:)] That for I started the sentence with IF you…

I tried to explain that unfortunately such single place does not exist…

Everything - if you agree to give remote access to your systems (via Win RAS or other tehnical means). Normally a contract is signed first together with NDA (Non-Disclosure agreement), as practically that means giving access to confidential business information to outsider(s).

Regarding tarffs and so - this forum is not the right place to discuss deals, it’s even against the rules here…

I know, and normally (with 3 other ERP’s) I belong in the higher level of end users… Not so with Nav.

Ok, I looked into the site Dynamic experts, think I will look inte that more. [Y]

I’m sorry about the tariff q, as a frequent forum poster/reader I should have read rules more carefully.