Delivery Date on Purch Form

DAX 2009.

In our records of suppliers, leadtime everyone has registered, which is the average of days it takes to deliver a commodity.

Purchase orders, there is a field called “Date of Delivery”, however, this field shows the current date automatically, as it is creating the purchase order.

I would like this field was populated with the date estimated by leadtime, therefore, the current date plus the leadtime.

Is there any way to accomplish this by editing the form, some method or something?

When creating a purchase order, and determine which vendor it is, I would like to fill the field Delivery Date + / - like this: PurchTable.DeliveryDate =Today + VendTable.Leadtime.

Thank you all!

ps: sorry for bad english.

I do not believe there is an average days for commodities as standard in AX. If this is a customization and you want to extend this it would be more work.

As standard you can enter this against trade agreements, or in the default order settings or default site settings against the item. This will then enter the date on the purchase order. Look at the standard methods to calculate this field.

Hi Mateus,

We are working with an organization on this exact issue. The solution that they will be using is called Foxtrot. Foxtrot can be scripted to go through POs and modify delivery dates or any other field for that matter, it can also run formulas to do things like add 5 weeks to the date entered.

Please let me know if you’d like some additional information.

Hello Larry!

Our case was settled with a personalized, applied by our partner providing support.

At the time, we hurry to resolve this and was implemented with a new project.

Anyway, I appreciate the intention of helping.