Delivery consolidations

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Is it possibble to create ONE shipment only for several sales orders in Navision?? I KNow that I can invoice several shipments but in my case I want to consolidate several orders to make one shipement. Is it possibel with Warehouse management ( the basic one not the advanced one)? And in the advanced one, how can I do that? In fact I ned to have only one document created after shipment not one document created for each Sales order.


Are we talking same invoice customer with same currency and same delivery address, just different orders and one cobined shipment document, or posting? Or are we talking about different customers and ship-to addresses and one shipment document but different postings? Not sure what you are trying to achieve with this question, whether it is to streamline teh internal process of the pick/ship or create a consolidated shipment document for a third party carrier or to create a consolidated shipment process for similar/the same customer orders.


create a warehouse shipment, and press functions==> use filters to get source document

In warehouse shipment you have Functions → Get source Documents. You post join several documents in same shipment.

i think warehouse shipment is advanced management

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instead of pressing functions==>get source document several times to fill the shipment, he can simply filter on shipment dare or customer number and fill the shipment in one step when using “use filter to get…”

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hi all!

thanks for amswers, ^n fact what i need is the possibility to have ONLY ONE POSTED WAREHOUSE SHIPMENT not several posted documents as it is now.

Is it possible to do that using WMS

yes, if u do what i said, you will have many posted sales shipments, but only one warehouse shipment