Delivery charging

Hi All,

We are currently implementing NAV and was just wondering how the people currently utilising NAV do delivery charging as I feel its very poor.

Doing an item doesn’t work as need stock, this causes issues as it shows on pick lists and if its the only thing pick able it shows on a single invoice.

Using item charges is annoying as you have to select what your applying it to, and cant just put it as a charge.

Using a g/l dangerous (especially for MO staff)

So is there no way to do an item charge that doesn’t have to be spread over the products and is just invoiced upon 1st proper invoice, my personal opinion should be a delivery cost box that is based on carrier set-up so could be x carrier with y service givers charge z



If delivery cost is NOT added to Item --which is strange from accounting point of view-- use GL Account directly in the invoice.

However, such approach will not show precise costing of your Items, as delivery charge, which may be important part of cost, will be not reflected in Item’s overall purchase expenses.

Sorry this is from a sales side not purchasing side



Lee, the same on Sales side - you can use GL Account, but again you’ll get inaccurate figures, this time PROFIT will be more than it actually is, as delivery cost will bypass the calculations …

Hi Modris,

As a business this is how we operate and plan to continue operating, so to confirm there is no functionality within nav to cater for this, and i noticed a company called e-ship seem to do our req so will look in to it



We setup a resource call carriage, set the default unit cost to £5, then on the sales order enter what we want to charge the customer.

Use “Resource” type, it will not include in the Picking Listing