Deletion of Financial Dimension Values

I want to delete unused Financial Dimension Values which i created in General Ledger-> Set Up-> Finanancial Dimension-> Financial Dimensions-> New-> Select any values except in Use Values from fields.

Then click on Financial Dimension Values Button on top and create new values.

When i am trying to delete those financial dimension values, it is not allowing to delete.

Please suggest what code changes i should do and where to delete these values.

Those dimension values are pulled from a table.
To leave the value in the table but ‘delete’ it as a dimension value, you can set the Active To so that the dimension value will no longer be active, or you can check the Suspended box.

You probably need developer’s help to delete those dimension values since records are created in shared tables. If the records are limited, i will suggest you to suspend those financial dimensions so that it will not appear on journals or update your COA configuration and exclude those values.