Deleting User Roles

Hello. We’ve been talking about deleting all the “standard” Navision user roles, since we don’t use them anyway. (Except for “all” of course.) Is there any down side that you know of to getting rid of those roles? I would think it would really speed up the synchronization process…

Thanks for your help,


Hi Kevin

I can’t think of any down side in deleing the roles and permissions you don’t use. My only initial thought was related to upgrade but the upgrade process just uses the roles and permissions from the new version plus any added roles and permissions from the old version.



P.S. I don’t think you can delete the SUPER role and I wouldn’t do even if you could.

What happens when you change your mind and decide you want to use roles / permissions?

Instead of deleting or amending roles I suggest that you ommit them from the user profile.