Deleting NAV 2013 User


We have a scenario where user is trying to remove a NAV 2013 user from the users screen, but it doesnt let them, just says table locked by another user… any ideas / suggestions?

I have checked and the User is not logged in at the moment i.e. no SQL sessions.


Hi Abz,

Exactly how are you trying to do this?

In user list view, tried selecting the line and delting


loaded the user card on screen, tried deleting

loaded the user card and tried disabling

But still after some time the error message appears…

Are you using the GB version?

If yes, then I have actually seen a lot of issues with this localized version and also in other localized versions in regard to the user tables (system tables). I know it sounds like a long shot, but try to change the language to US English and try again.

Erik greetings…

Changing the language did not do allow the deletion unfortunately.

I think the next step to take would be to restart the dynamics NAV server?

any other suggestions?

Just to report that I had the same problem with NAV 2013 IT and I wasn’t able to figure out a solution different than deleting records from different table in SQL.

You need to delete the user personalisation first, then you can delete the user.

Thank you Matthew, if we encounter it again, i’ll try it.