deleting item reservation entries

Thank you for everyone’s help with the item tracking problem.

I’m hoping someone can tell me how we can delete RESERVATION entries.

Best way to find out how reservation entry created and how to delete is create entry from different module like sales, purchase, item journal etc and analyse the entry created in table-337 (reservation entry) and then you can decide how you are going to write the logic to delete the reservation entry.

Normally Source ID field keeps the Document No. (sales, purchase etc) and Source Ref. No. keeps the Line no. but in case of Journal it is slightly different.

Take a note in case of partial shipment and receipt it also maintain the entries in table - 336 (Tracking specification). Don’t forget to check that table too.

I hope this can help you.

Thank you for your help.

The problem we are having is the following:

Item tracking is inconsistent. We commit item tracking in the sales order (line, item tracking lines) prior to releasing the order and creating a pick. Another person can enter a sales order for that part and not commit item tracking and instead just hit create pick and they literally can steal the parts from the other order. This shouldn’t be happening according to what the blogs say, right? We can’t understand why this is happening. Is it a defect in the program?

The other scenario is we have inventory and the computer shows inventory, yet we cannot create a pick. Many times our computer support is saying that it is caused by an invalid reservation entry (and sometimes its on a deleted document) and then they go and somehow ‘take it out’. We want to know how can we take it out ourselves.

Also, how does this happen and how can we prevent this?