Deleting a customer


I have created a customer and posted some SO to it. Now when i try to delete a customer iam getting error as " you cannot delete customer because you have open ledger entries in the fiscal year.

Sorry to say u may ask y do you want to delete him but it has become mandatory to delete him.

Plz help me how to delete this customer.

Thank u

I will ask [:)] …

Why would you want to delete and what do you mean it has become mandatory to delete.

The whole purpose of an ERP system is to have the audit trail and history. With out doing some messy modifications this is not possible by standard NAV.

The whole purpose of an ERP system is to have the audit trail and history. That’s true.

Deleting of customer card is not a good solution.

If u want to block that customer , just place a check mark in customer card to stop transactions with that customer.

You can absolutely delete a customer without modifying the system.

Unfortunately, you can only do so if the customer doesn’t have any entries in the current open fiscal period. Fiscal periods are closed at year end when the Net Income/Loss is moved to the balance sheet (Administration > Application Setup > Financial Management > Accounting Periods > Close Year Button)

There are a few other things that the system checks for before allowing you to delete a customer including making sure the customer doesn’t have any open documents, and making sure that the all customer entries (payments, invoice, credit memos etc) have all been fully applied to one another, and that the customer doesn’t have a balance.

Once that is done, you will be able to delete the customer without any problem. All of the old customer ledger entries will remain, but the customer number will be set to blank.

I would recommend waiting until the fiscal year close to the delete the customer and in the meantime simply block him as recommended above.