deleted Sales Order Line did not copy over to the SalesLineDelete table when the Sales Order was deleted

We have a sales order line that is still showing as open even though the sales order header and all the other lines on the sales order have dropped to the SalesTableDelete and SalesLineDelete tables. Is there anything I can do to remove this line from the open lines table?


Melissa Ingram

Has the sales order line been confirmed / invoiced - or has it been left open?

You can open the AOT (CTRL+D) → Data Dictionary → Tables → Sales Lines → Right-Click + Open

Search for your field using the Sales Id and delete the line. Ensure that the stock and transactions are OK after deletion.

Thank you for your quick response, I will try it in test to see what the results are.


There is a static method SalesLineDelete::createFromSalesLine that I was told about and we created a job to use this method to move the record to the SalesLineDelete table. However, we did still have to delete the record from the SalesLine table afterward.

Thanks for your help!