Deleted Or Cleared Data Tracking

Can anybody tell me,Where does Cleared data goes in Ax 2012?

For e.g We have a functionality to clear our journals in general ledger & data is deleted from invent journal table.

Can anybody tell me where does system store that data so that in future,if needed,I can fetch through Code or by any other means.

What functionality are you referring to? General ledger > Periodic > Clean up > Clean up ledger journals, for example?

The usual approach is to delete only data that you don’t need. Posted journals, for example, are typically not needed anymore, because they merely allowed us to create appropriate transactions.

If you want to keep data for future use, you shouldn’t delete them. Either keep them in place or move them to an archive (Microsoft offers Intelligent Data Management Framework for this purpose).

To explicitly answer you question: deleted data are not stored anywhere, your only option is a backup.

Thank You So Much for Your Reply Martin.

Yes exactly,I was Talking about the same functionality General ledger > Periodic > Clean up > Clean up ledger journals.I was curious to know that where these clean up journals go?

Thank You for your Reply.