Delete User


We have a problem when we delete a user.

We use NAV 2009 R2, italian localisation.

The right way is to open STRUMENTI/PROTEZIONE/LOGIN WINDOWS, select one user and then delete it.

In our company we have created a report that delete the user and other setup.

Unfortunately we are not able to delete the user in SQL Server.

Therefore at the end, we have to delete manually the user in SQL Server in two places; in Security/Users of MASTER Database and in Security/Logins of SQL Server.

Does anyone help us ?



Hi Roberto,

Welcome to the Dynamics User Group.

So you created a report, which directly deletes the user via the user table?

I’ve never tried that, as I wouldn’t imagine that it would work. The User table is a special system table, and just deleting it using code, might not do the same as when you use the actual user in SQL.

But can you tell us which errors you’re getting, when trying to delete the user. Or is it just that it doesn’t change the user in SQL?

Hi Erik,

thanks for your immediate replay.

We don’t have errors.

Simply we aren’t able to create the code to delete the user in SQL.

Is it possible ?

Kind regards,


Good morning,

probably I wrote a wrong question.

We need to execute a SQL command in NAVISION that allows us to delete the user in SQL Server.

Is it possible in NAVISION ?




You need to delete the user from the following tables:

“User Personalization”;
“Windows Login”;
“Windows Access Control”