Delete sales orders

Hi All ,

In Accounts Receiveble - Periodic - we have the Delete sales orders , Quotations , Return Orders . when i open these forms , no data available .

could you tell when data will sit in these forms ?

Thanks in Advance.


all forms in the “Periodic” menu are usually processes you run every other while.

in the periodic forms you mentioned, the forms will always be empty every time you open the form, since it is a temporary form.

if you want to use these forms you have to generate the data yourself using the “select” button. for example in order to delete closed sales orders, go to Periodic > delete orders and click “Select” to specify criteria of which sales orders you want to delete, then click Ok and a list of the sales orders matching the criteria you selected will appear in the form. if you click “Ok” they will be deleted from the Sales Order Details form.