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Is it possible to delete posted entries, posted orders etc without damaging DB ? Due to an enormous DB-size I need something like a navigator to delete these entries. Has anyone done this ? Best Regards, Mark Trouwborst LIMO Automatisering B.V. tel +31 (0)182 631 333

Hi Mark! There are 2 things: I WOULD NOT delete Ledger Entries.!!! Perhaps there is no problem today or tomorrow but in sometime there is… :-)) I get this questions from customers many times but my answer is always the same. Not delete - maybe compressions. The problem there is that the entries will be commpressed so that a detail reporting of this period is not possible. If the customer this accept then no problem. Im my cases he didn’t and we change the db size Is the database full!? Which size is your db? if the customer is really near the 32 GB then the way goes to SQL … Posted Invoices: NF Standard allows to delete this records. But first: how much place will be free !? :slight_smile: second: it depends on the law about invoices had to be in archiv. So in this case before you delete you had to print … nice greetings Gayer Rene Projektmanagment NAVIConsult AG

Thanx for the quick reply Rene. The fact we’re dealing with a copy from the DB on our own server, for a conversion, makes the above story a lot easier…so no details and legall stuff neccessary ! Best Regards, Mark Trouwborst LIMO Automatisering B.V. tel +31 (0)182 631 333

Another Answer look at Shipment Notes and Good receipt Notes over a certain age. They like posted Invoices and Credit notes take up quite some space if you have a high volume transactions. Database table Information will identify the large tables for you! And Deleting the Documents will not delete the underlying Ledger entries. If you have enought space copy the database as it is for archive purposes. Remember to keep a safe backup as at date before you delete the entries, you can always restore it if asked. Backup and Restore also reduces the used database space as it optimizes the keys, this you will have to do if you are upgrading from 1.3X to 2.50 or higher If you have large keys that are not used disable them as part of your upgrade, Implus workbench can identify them for you, 1 key can be big and take a lot of space . David Cox MindSource (UK) Limited Navision Solutions Partner Email: Web: Edited by - David Cox on 2001 Mar 05 19:48:38