Delete Journal Voucher Line

I have a issue where i cannot delete one of the journal voucher, this is due to end user error. So i went to the voucher details to delete it but the infolog shows “Voucher ALIB0004536 cannot be changed or deleted when a check has been printed.”

So i went to the table LedgerJournalTrans and show it already being approved by end user and i saw the Function tab to and “Delete Journal Lines” and accept it but the infolog show “Voucher ALIB0004536 cannot be deleted because one or more journal transactions have status Sent, Received or Approved”

So how to make it deleted this journal voucher because i already try many way to find the key point to deleted.



Hi Kevin,

Were you able to delete this one?



This would relate to issues checks or payment transmissions and you would need to reverse/void these prior to deleting, if indeed it is possible once you have gone this far down the transmission route, I am not a finance person so difficult to say.