delete inactive Req Plan version


we run Master Scheduling (MS) in a new environment (full i.e. with out any filters) through batch job but it did not show any planned orders.

It took a lot of time (like a day) so we canceled the batch job. we did run MS couple of times but nothing populated.

But when I checked the data in AOT , reqPo and ReqTrans has data of all batch jobs run. the only guess I could make for the data not displayed in form is because MS run with inactive req plan version. Also during MS batch job , “Plan version clean up” task must delete the planned orders related to inactive req plan versions. Task status shows “ended” but the planned orders related to inactive req plan versions were not deleted by the system.

Is my guess right?

How to delete the inactive (maroon color) and duplicate (blue) active req plan versions so that with MS is run only by active versions ?