Delayed Update

Hallo, has anyone else faced this problem: some users in a network see updates of nthe setup 15 minutes after changes have been entered.

Check the Commit-Cache on the server - Should be set to 0 (Zero) Are you running Native or SQL

The client is running the native DB

Hallo Michael, i had this problem only with an empty table. The first entry appears at other users after 10 -15 minutes after inserting this record. br Josef

Michael - Did you check the commit cache on the server - Start-up parameters you might want to do a ‘re-install’ of the server Step 1 Stop the service Step 2 c:\> server.exe uninstallasservice c:\> server.exe database=<first database file> commitcache=false installasservice Step 3 Wait and see, if you see the problem again. Please refer to the manual for other parameters, I cannot remember all of them, and what gives you the best performance - Anybody?