Delayed Insert

hi all, has anyone done any customisation on forms using “Delayed Insert” before? because i am about to start customisations on most forms in navision to use the “Delayed Insert”, and am wondering what problems will aride if i were to use that functionality? jordan

hi jordan, please explain what u want to do.where the problem is actually arising…

Jordan, There are a couple of pitfalls, depending on the table/form you are using. If you use it on the Item card, then you will find an issue accessing related tables (Like Item Unit of Measure) before the insert is actually completed. There are a couple of reasons: (1) You won’t actually have an item number until the insert is completed (Once you move off the record), and (2) even if you assign an item number, it won’t be in the table so the Item Relation will fail. I have also had a few issues using delayed insert and autosplitkey. If you are using a simple lookup table, there should be no problems. Chris.