Degrading Speed over days

We have an unusual problem. We are running Nav Financials 2.0 on a WIN NT Server, with all the right patches. We run nothing else on the server except an automated tape backup system. No printers, no email, nothing else. About every three days the speed of the system degrades so much that we have to reboot. Then the speed is fine - back to normal and acceptability. Then three days later, we can take one item, not a batch, but one item and we post it and it will take three minutes. When the system has been freshly booted posting a batch would take less than 30 seconds. Hardware and software people have been out to analyze the problem with no success. The only thing they haven’t done is reload the software. Any ideas? Thank you. John Friedman

Hi, I’ve heard something about this, and think it has to do with too large cache, have you tried setting the cache lower? How much mem. and what is cache-settings? Is CPUMONI.EXE renamed? It should have no effect - but do it anyway! Henrik Frederiksen, NSC-DK “We do IT with Navision”

John, The word is that NF200 is not very keen on working with local variables. So if you wrote code with a lot of local variables, your stack is “fludding”. A solution is to only use global variables (if you can call this a solution). PK

Hi John, I have a few questions: 1) what is the total memory for that server 2) What is the Navision cache setting? (you can run server.exe to open a dos session of the server to check the settings) 3) Are there any Navision client processes running continuously on the server. (ie. a codeunit that is continuously running in Navision to kick off the backup process at a certain time) 4) What softare is running your backup? 5) What is NT’s performance monitor saying about the state of the server? A few things have been suggested here. 1) rename Cpumoni.exe to something else. This program can cause Processor useage to appear maxed(I dont remmember if it actually maxes out the processors or just causes an incorrect reading). Use NT’s perf monitor and check it out. 2)Cache settings must be reasonable for the amount of ram or you will end up swapping out to disk. This one sounds like the most likely thing to me (as your cache begins to fill you experience a slowdown.) 3) Also, I know this sounds obvious, but make sure your not running a screen saver on the Server. I’ve seen this too many times not to mention it. 4) Another thing, if NT’s performance monitor appears normal, you may look to a problem with the network, which may be causing communicaition problems (lost packets/ect) with the navision server. Mike Dertian Programmer/IS Aston-Frontline