Degraded performance after upgrade 4.3 to 5.1

Well we have upgraded client from 4.3 to 5.1 and performance went backwards!

SQL 2005, nice server, 200 users, 100GB.

Any ideas?

Especially on Matrix forms where SIFT was included. But overall performance has not increased…

Hey Kris,

did you do performance tuning as a part of the upgrade? In some cases 5.00Sp1 may be faster than 4.00SP3, but don’t take it for ganted. In most cases with large systems, and no vsift tuning, then it will most likely be slower.


Well, yes, the new VSIFT - replacing the old SIFT - could also cause trouble, see
As David mentioned, the VSIFT could be tuned, e.g. by adding specific indexes. You should use SQL Profiler to determine those poor performing queries (Reads > 1000, Duration > 50), the you could try to create optimized indexes for the affected tables or VSIFT views.
The “problem” is, that VSIFT optimization is purely SQL, means you cannot do anything from NAV site - the indexes have to be created in SSMS. ACcording to this you should ensure to run the most recent NAV version (technically - C/SIDE only).