Defining organizational structure


I am trying to implement an organizational structure of the concern within the DYNAMICS AX HR module.

The companies have many to many parents-child relations, namely: 1 child company has many parents, parent has many childs.

please help me to find the relevant documentation.

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Hi Roni,

I have done some work for HR in 3.0.

I am not very much sure about, how you got child with many parents.

Ideally, a child have only 1 parent. Let say, if there is a parent AA, it has two childs A1 and A2.

A1 have 2 childs A1B1 and A1B2, same A2 have 2 childs A2B1 and A2B2.

In your case, say there is one more child, say temp. U say, it has 2 parents,say A1B2 and A2B1.

Then , in this case, you have to make decision, either on the basis of Financial, or on HR, that whether A1B2 handles the concerns of temp, or it is A2B1.

If it is A1B2, who is handling the cocerns of temp, then, make temp, child of A1B2, otherwise A2B1.

On some criteria(HR, Financial etc), you have to make a hierarchy or tree structure.

Hope, it will help you…

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Hi manish_s.

First, i want to thank you for you quick response [:)]

unfortunately i didnt understand the meaning of “On some criteria(HR, Financial etc), you have to make a hierarchy or tree structure”.

all the rest was clear.

We have a complex organizational structure as you describe in your example. If “Temp” has two parents i don’t know how to reflect this in the tree :0(

Do you have any documentation about the HR organizational structure?

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Hi Roni,

OK, tell me your mail-id, I will share the documents I have, with you.



I really appreciate your good will and thank you alot [:D]

My mail address is -

Wish u the best.