Defining alternative items in BOMs

hi, is there any way to use alternative item for BOM components in BOM? can i use substitution and alternative items defined in the item cards?

You can go syraight to the component lines in a production order and change them, but I am not sure if that is what you want.

thanks david, i use your way,changing the component line.that’s the question how i can plan item requirements taking into account the alternative and substitution items availabilities. for example,i am producing air pressure tank and it has 50 components using in produciton process.i am using sheet iron as base component.There are different types of sheet irons and can be substituted if the original type is not enough for production requisition worksheets i want to calculate the requirements in that way; 1 - first control the original component’s availability 2 - if it is not enough go to the next control for the substitutions’ availabilities 3 - if substitutions are not enough , create requirements for original component. is there a way to do this? Best Regards

This is the feature which most of the clients ask for … Substitute Item Planning, but unfortunately we don’t have this feature in the Standard Navision [:(]

Umit, this absolutely is NOT what you asked in your original post. Srinivas, I have heard this request from maybe 1 in 100 Navision implementations, so less than 1% is not really MOST. There is only so much the product can do, and compromises need to be made. Witih MS things are going much faster. It does seem from the many postings in NOLUG lately, that Navision is being marketed in India against SAP, in this case, of corse there are going to be limitations, but give me the $2-3M that the client is trying to save, and we should be able to get that functyionality in there.[;)]

Hi David, We are doing this COMPROMISE since the Navision Manufacturing Version 2.00c [:D]. Though the alternative solution I always suggest is to modify the item directly in the Prod. Order Component. [;)] Hope to get the functionality sooooooon ! Best Regards, Srinivas Shetty

I need it too, David. Make that 2%, bro.

Hi Mr.David,

Is there a option to select substitute item at planning worksheet(PW).

Example: Prod order for 100 units of item A. B will be the substitute item of item A. Can i select the substitute item B at planning level and refresh the planning line?