Define Range in Report <> Null

I created a report, to bring some information of purchase orders.

However, most orders have this field empty.

I put a range on the report, but I can not define what is to bring all the OC which this field is <> Null.

How can I do this?

The field is Purchline.ReqAttention.


Mateus Furrier


If you are working on AX 2009 reports you may add a new range for the field Purchline.ReqAttention with value as !’ ’ (not null). In case of SSRS reports, you need to modify your SQL query.

Hi Saurabh,

I tried to put it that way, however, the field is string did not accept the rule.
We use DAX2009.


AX doesn’t use nullable fields, therefore you actually want a filter for an empty string, not a null string.

!"" should work, if it’s really a string range field and not something else (in that case, you will have to provide more corrected information).

Perfect !!

Thanks again Martin !