Deferred Excise on capital item


In Excise, when any capital Item is purchased then duties which are levied on that item are deferred for CENVAT. Means 50 % we can claim in the year of receipt and remaining 50 % in next year.

But Additional Excise Duty (AED) is required to be claimed 100 % in the year of receipt of goods.

Means Basic Excise Duty (BED), e-Cess on BED and She-Cess on BED are claimed 50% but AED on all these is required to be claim 100% in the same year.

Can any one tell me whether this can be achieved in NAV and which set up is required for this.?



Have you run the report “Claim Deferred Excise” in Periodic activities --Excise.

That batch job transfers value in all excise duties from deferred to current year CENVAT.

I am asking specific duty - Additional Excise Duty- to be claimed as 100% on invoice only. Rest of the duties required to be deferred.

So I am asking set up where at the time of invoice BED, eCess and sheCess on these will be deferred but AED will be claimed 100%.


You have to place a check mark in the Claim deferred excise field before posting the Sales invoice.

That check mark wont work. if Item is marked as capital item then all duties are deferred 50 %. I am talking about only one duty which should be availed 100 % and rest 50 %.