Defaulting 'Receive now' on Purchase order packing slip update

Hello all,

In AX 2009,purchase order packing slip update form there is Parameter tab > Quantity field which has values - All, Receive now, Registered and Packing slip options. The way AX is working is any time an user updating the packing slip, the quantity field in parameter tab is defaulting to “All”.

However, when an user is partially receiving against the PO, every time the user has to remember to change the value in Quantity field from ‘All’ to ‘Receive now’ and if for some reason user forgets to updates the field value in question here, then he/she receives wrong quantity.

What is he best way to eliminate this unintentional user errors here? My thought is to default the quantity field value to ‘Receive now’ instead of ‘All’. But if I want to do so, how can I get that done in system. Is there a configuration for this or we need to have code change for this small thing?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks and have a great weekend.

There is a standard option. In the Parameters there is a field called “Prompt quantity field value when posting documents”, in your example the packing slip will always be set to all if selected, but will warn you if you set it to something else previously and suggest you set it back. This is probably ticked. If you untick it the system remembers your last selection, so it always remembers receive now, unless you change it, and it is that time you need to remember to reset the parameters. Alternatively as there is a parameter to set the default in the configuration this implies there is code and therefore you could modify this to your required settings - just do not ask me how I am not a developer! [:D]

Thanks a lot Adam for your help. That is exactly what I was looking.

Have a good weekend.