Default Zup File

Hi! can anyone teach me how zup file could be set by default? In Navision when I change some forms (change of the column`s sequence) then exit Navision, the Zup file is updated. And when I opened Navision, the changes has been saved. What should be done in order that the forms setting will return to its original setting?

so what you are asking is to delete zup file effect? right?

if right…then you need to just delete the zup file and some times when you dont exit the cronus properly it will ask whether you need to create a zup file…say no…

or 'm i wrong? correct me :slight_smile:

Thanks shona for your reply, but not by deleting the zup file. I just want that the original settings will return back.

In that case you unfortunately have no other option. [:S]

That’s one of the many reasons the new client (Role Tailored Client) has been developed. Personalization is much more advanced, including restoring default layout.

Thanks Luc van Vugt,

In that case, the zup file should always be deleted if I want to restore to the deafault setting?

yes for classis client! as luc said in RTC…you can personalise!

You have a property on forms: SavePosAndSize. Default is Yes.

Try to change the prop to No…

This might sound like a roundabout way, and I am not sure if it will work in your organisation.

If I found that I changed something and I preferred the previous look, I just open a second session of Nav, close the "wrong"session, then close the “right” session. At that point it will ask if you want to save your ZUP file, then you can say yes.

Another (Way more complicated way) is to actually copy your Zup file out, do what you want to do, close Nav and then copy the saved version back

This is very crude, but can do the job