Default values for Report Request Form

Hi, The purpose is to fill in default values on the request form of a report (on the dataitem fields, and variables on the options tab). I want to launch a report from a button on a form. The report is a processing only report : - can I fill in the fields on the dataitem (at request form) from code ? - can I fill in default values to the options tab of the request form. Many thanks, Gunther

There are some ways - here is one: In your report: .Create global variable IsBatch .In OnInitReport set IsBatch := TRUE; .In OnOpenForm on Request Form set IsBatch := FALSE; When you call the report (e.g. from a form), call it like this: .REPORT.RUNMODAL(REPORT::myReport,FALSE); Now - in your report (e.g. in OnPreReport or OnPreDataItem) you can act depending the value in IsBatch.

Declare Global variables on request form write a function on the form where you update the values of text boxes from global variables like GV1 := LV1 of function ; Call this function from pust button and on open form Textbox1 := GV1 this should work best of luc Regards