Default value display for combobox.

Hi everybody,

Please go through the below attachment for my problem in AX 4.0.

In this below screen shot I added a button as highlighted by red color in customer details form → accounts receivable module.2570.TDS1.GIF
After pressing this “TDS (J)” button the below form opens as created by me through menuitem “TaxWithHoldInquiry_IN” and setting its object property as “TaxWithHoldInquiry_IN” which is nothing but the form name to which the menuitem is attached. As seen in this below form I have created a query named ‘TDS’. But when I close this form and open this form once again by pressing the “TDS (J)” button as shown in the previous screen shot, the default query is always set to ‘Query used’. But I want to set the default query to the one I created i.e. ‘TDS’. So how can I achieve this? Provide me with any code if required.

Also I need to hide the fields present in ‘Available’ section as shown in the below screen shot.

I got this form from General Ledger-> Inquiries->Tax->India Posted Tax->Withholding tax->TDS.
Kindly go through this path to get this form and suggest any solution.