Default printer not defaulted on Ax 2012.


When I choose a report in AX 2012, (Ex. Organization admin → Reports → Base data → Departments)

And I want to choose a printer with:

Destinations → Printers → Name. There I don’t want to have to choose the standard windows printer, but I have to choose it. It’s the first printer in the list that is choosen not the standard printer.

The reason I ask is because it seems to be the default setup for Dynamics AX 2009, there it’s the standard windows printer that is selected. But it seems to still be a problem for AX 2012 R2 CU6. (Have not tested CU7 yet…)

Any idea why standard printer is no longer default for 2012, and/or is there a way to make it use the standard windows printer as default printer.

And I know about the print management for different modules. But for the module Organization Administraion (and others…) there is none…

And if there is no way of making it default, how can I pick the standard printer thru code. Do I have to adjust every report, or is there a template I can adjust…

Thanks in advance.