Default Printer is not Defaulted

Users connect to a Citrix XenApp server and their local printer is mapped and made their session Default Printer. When they are working within Dynamics their default printer is a different printer.

Is the default printer somewhere in the setup or is it stored in the ZUP file?

How can I have Dynamics specify the session default printer?

There is a table called Printer Selection that will override the default printer for certain reports / users if it is setup.

I found this in the setup, however the users that are affected by the default printer are not listed in the User ID column.


You can also configure the default printer in citrix user session. Just check the same through Citrix.


Faisal Bukhari

Citrix is configured to use the default printer of the client and it works as expected for every other program within Citrix except for Dynamics.

When you look at the printer settings within their Citrix session the default printer is Printer A. When they run a report within Dynamics the defaulted printer is Printer B.