Default Location Code

Is there a way to set a default location code based on the document the items will be received on? For example, we would like Location Code B to be the default location code on all the items to be shipped on a Sales Order, and Location Code C to be the default location code on all items to be received on a Sales Return Order. I know you can set up the default location code on the Customer card, and that will flow to both the Sales Order, and Sales Return Orders, but we don’t what both of these to have the same location code.


This would need to be a customization for your system. Personally I would just make sure the location is right on the order, though.

You can change the location code on sales return. i think the customization might not be required since the sales returns are very lesser.


In my company, we also had same issue. some materials had to put in specific location code. so i would like to customization for default location code at item master.


in a purchase order default location code must be captured automatically and must be mandatory and it should be allowed other location code should not be allowed.

How can i do this in navision 2009 classic? please help!!!..


Pradeep K

Company: Emerson