Default financial dimensions for ledger account in AX2012

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I want to ask if there is a way in AX2012 to give specific ledger account default financial dimension values in all transactions related to this account.


Ledger account :5200012

when I want to create general journal entry for this account , it must have the following dimension values:

Dimension #1: 00

Dimension #2: 98

Dimension #3: 00

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Yes we can, in the Configure account structure form. Firstly select Main Account and you will find a Filter, click on it a form opens where you can define a rule for the desired ledger account. opt for second option Specify which values are allowed (the selected option must be IS, ) and the same setup is done for other dimensions…

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Hi Ashwin

It does not work in my case. I have same situation where I want GL 100200 ahs default dimension #1 PRINT Dimension#2 003 and Dimension # FAG

This GL is a part of Revenue and expenses(100000-299999) . How to assign for partiucar GL when it’ part of account structure?




In Main accounts accounts form, set the field “select level of main accounts to display” to “companies” and choose a legal entity in the Companies drop down.

Then, “Financial dimensions” tab appears where you can set up the default dimensions.