Default Filters on Report Request Panel

It seems like this should be easy, but I can’t figure out how to set defaults in some of the filter fields on the request panel of a report. For example, on an item report, I’d like to default the “Location Filter” field to a certain value. Can anyone help? Fred Roses

Have You tried something like this? Item.SETRANGE(“Location filter”,‘MYLOC’); Report.RUN(Report::“Item report”,Item);

Yes I understand that this would work if you were running an item report from a menu on the item card, for example. But I just want to run the report from the report selections list, and offer the user filter options on the request form, with some of the filter fields already defaulted.

OK You can make use of codeunit 310. All printing goes trough this codeunit. There You can catch the reports You are intrested in and replace the REPORT.RUN for these reports.

why don’t you use the option panel?

Create your vars, set the defaults in the OnInitReport() trigger (which executes before the RequestOptionsForm), then also put them on the RequestOptionsForm like Andre suggested, for the users to change if desired.