default field-names in form filter

hi, i want to show some default field names in the window coming up when the user tries to filter in a form … but their isn’t any easy way like a request form for normal forms … i also tried to set the SETFILTER() with every field i want but if you give a ‘’ as the value it isn’t shown in the filter-form … so is their any way to predefine fields/fieldnames which will be shown when the user opens the filter-form in a normal form ? *** quack ***

oh exploring new land :slight_smile: the problem is … i have a form with a lot of fields in it … unfortunatly a lot of employees must work with it and everybody needs every field (please don’t ask why :slight_smile: ) and also our employess at the phone … so for fast filtering a filter with default fields would be very nice cause it is not funny when your mark the same seven fields every ten minutes :slight_smile: during a phone call … *** quack ***